Pearls Before Swine: I Scream Puns Suck TP

Writer: Pastis, Stephan
Artist: Pastis, Stephan
Cover Artist: Pastis, Stephan
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Price: $14.99
Puns. We know it's coming. The telltale signs are all there: the oddly specific setup, the unusual word choice, and, just visible out of the corner of our eye, the final panel of Stephan sitting at his desk awaiting the chastisement of one of his characters. Somehow the pun still manages to elicit a groan larger than we expected. Fortunately for us - and for Stephan's job security - there are more than just puns in I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Because Puns Suck. The entire Pearls Before Swine crew returns in some of the strip's most raucous cartoons yet.
Feb 2018